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We want to thank all of you for joining our site and contributing to its success. We believe it is a huge benefit to our community. Unfortunately, it costs money to maintain. If you value this site and the content provided here, please consider donating something now and then to help us keep it up. Thanks for all you do for our community!

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If anyone is interested in joining the Davis County Opt Out of Common Core Group, please contact Carie Valentine at


Carie is the county coordinator #2 for Davis county and is one of our own My Neighbors members. She has created an email group with which she can keep in touch with members on Common Core issues and provide current action plans.


Thanks for your efforts!


Welcome to My Neighbors!


The purpose of this site is to provide a place where we can get connected with the happenings in our lives on the most basic, local level. Do you want to know what precinct you’re in and where to vote? Do you know who your local representatives are, the city council or the school board or who’s running for office? Do you know what bills and initiatives they’re voting on or what impact they’ll have on your community? This is the place to go to find the answers to those questions and more.


We have food co-op opportunities, book and movie reviews, food and entertainment guides and product testing. Occasionally you will even find human interest stories pertaining specifically to your city. If there is something we’re missing, please let us know and we’ll find a place for it.


We’re coming together as a community in our unique and mutual interests. United, we are a driving force, initiating change for the better. We are your neighbors, your friends, your family and we’re here for YOU.

Your Discussions!

Tara Kinser posted an event

Fall Fun & Winter Wellness with doTERRA at Syracuse Rec Center

November 22, 2014 from 10am to 1pm
Join us for a fantastic morning of education and learn how to use essential oils in your home on a daily basis. This is the perfect class for beginners and long-time users alike! Saturday, November 22nd from 10 am -1 pm at the Syracuse Rec Center.  1912 W 1900 S, Syracuse, UT 84075Class Schedule 10-11 Essential Oils 101 11- 12 Rotate Through Stations 1. Wool Dryer Balls*…See More
Nov 14
Loni Schneider replied to Loni Schneider's discussion '2014 Ballot Review' in the group State Politics
"Thanks for your input, Jared. I'm a commentator, not a reporter. I'm not here to do your homework for you. I'm only telling you what I've learned in my own research. Ya'll are free to research and read vetting…"
Nov 1
Jared replied to Loni Schneider's discussion '2014 Ballot Review' in the group State Politics
"Interesting review. This 2 cents would be worth dollars if you included sources that backed up these statements. Quotes in news articles, with the link to the article, links to the candidates websites and social media sites. Online chat transcripts…"
Nov 1
Sarah Evans liked Loni Schneider's group Butcher's Box
Oct 31
Sarah Evans liked Loni Schneider's group Butcher's Box
Oct 31
Loni Schneider added a discussion to the group State Politics

2014 Ballot Review

Here is my 2 cents worth on the candidates and amendments on the ballot this year. Next to each candidate's name, I put whether or not I could vote for them. Beneath are the positions of each candidate, taken from vetting questionnaires put out by various organizations and notes taken from Meet the Candidates events. Whether or not I could vote for them is based on how well their principles adhere to the Constitution and traditional conservative values.US House 1Donna McAleer - NODemocrat…See More
Oct 30
Tara Kinser posted an event

Essential Oils -A Beginner's Class at Kinser Home

October 8, 2014 from 6:30pm to 8pm
Join us to learn how to use Essential Oils in your home to care for your family's basic health needs.  Cold and Flu Season is coming!  Be prepared! The first five people to text "I'll be there!" to the number below will receive a special gift at the class.  :)RSVP 801-686-3605See More
Oct 6
Jared posted an event

Special City Council meeting at clinton city office bldg

September 2, 2014 from 5:30pm to 7pm
SpecialCityCouncilAgenda.pdfTake note that this is about a land purchasing regarding a Well.  This was actually brought up by a citizen at the Tax meeting.Also take note that is a Closed meeting, meaning citizens are not allowed to attend.  Just wanted to let you know that it was happening.See More
Sep 1
Loni Schneider commented on Loni Schneider's group 'Education'
"I can't read anymore. The first 1/2 of Gov Herbert's explanation on all that he's doing on this issue made me nauseas. One smoke screen after another. There wasn't one thing he said in the first 1/2 of it that was 100% accurate.…"
Aug 27
Jared commented on Loni Schneider's group 'Education'
"Here is a link to give your feedback on Common Core. A good chance to read up on what Common Core is and is not and to give your feedback."
Aug 26
Jared replied to Jared's discussion '39% Tax Raise' in the group City Council
"That really doesn't surprise me. They took a vote, it passed, game over. However, over the next year we as citizens should be reminding the council to cut more of the budget and not allow them to forget the other ideas that were presented.…"
Aug 23
Loni Schneider replied to Jared's discussion '39% Tax Raise' in the group City Council
"After the vote, the council intended to implement the 25ish% that they voted on, not the full 39%. The question was whether they were going to consider any of the public's ideas or address any of their concerns and try to cut that even further.…"
Aug 20
Jared replied to Jared's discussion '39% Tax Raise' in the group City Council
"Regarding Barbra's comment about where we were for other budget meetings, all I can say is "point well taken."  I really do see where she is coming from.  However, I typically have commitments that prohibit me from attending…"
Aug 19
Loni Schneider replied to Jared's discussion '39% Tax Raise' in the group City Council
"Report on the 2014 Clinton City Budget Meeting The meeting room was filled to capacity with more residents standing out in the hall, straining to hear what was transpiring inside. The microphones were very low and it was very hard to hear inside the…"
Aug 19
Eric replied to Jared's discussion '39% Tax Raise' in the group City Council
"SO what was said at the meeting? I couldn't be there!"
Aug 19
Loni Schneider replied to Jared's discussion '39% Tax Raise' in the group City Council
"Clinton City's 2014-2015 FY proposed budget lists Dennis Cluff's proposed salary at $167,420, not including benefits. Those are listed separately. The right to know site tends to lump everything together... and it's older. The DTS…"
Aug 9
Jared replied to Jared's discussion '39% Tax Raise' in the group City Council
" Keep in mind that the info posted on utahs right is date Nov of 2013, so it is a little old.  If you look at Dennis" total Gross compensation he gets $181,450. now click on his…"
Aug 9
Winterton Carlos is now a member of My Neighbors
Aug 7
Loni Schneider replied to Jared's discussion '39% Tax Raise' in the group City Council
"OK. I've started reviewing the proposed budget. I don't think I'm even 1/2 way through it, yet, but I've already got 5 pages of notes and found some interesting things and some glaring surprises. Interesting note: Dennis…"
Aug 5
Scott Pickett commented on Jared's event 'Clinton city public hearing - 39% tax increase'
"I feel the same as Loni.  The city has functioned at the current tax rate.  If the city management and elected officials have opted to build new buildings and put the city in bond debt at the detriment of the road fund we shouldn't…"
Aug 1

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